5 Reasons Why Testa Omega-3 is the Best Choice for Vegan Omega-3 Supplements

We don’t need to destroy our oceans to enjoy the benefits of omega-3 for heart, brain, and eye health. Fish get their omega-3 from eating algae and so can you! 

Almost 200 billion pounds of sea life are extracted from the sea every year, which includes “bycatch” like dolphins and turtles that get caught in trawling nets raking the ocean dry. About 25% of the annual fish harvest is for the omega-3 industry, but we don’t need to kill fish for omega-3! 

Here are 5 reasons why Testa plant-powered omega-3 is the best choice for personal and planetary health.

1. The Freshest Option 

Unlike the majority of algae oil product manufacturers, Testa produces regular batches of vegan omega-3 supplements year round to ensure that we always have fresh product at our disposal. We package our capsules in airtight blister packages so that each capsule is maximally protected against environmental factors. 

To protect the product against oxidation, we add up to 4 times more of the antioxidant Vitamin E than other brands. 

When stored at a (dry) room temperature between 59 - 77 degrees Fahrenheit and protected from sunlight, Testa Omega-3 capsules can stay fresh on your shelves for up to  two years! Be sure to check your package’s expiration date on the blister next to the batch number.

2. Packaged with Protection in Mind

We could use cheaper packaging that saves us and our customers a little bit of money, but then we wouldn’t offer the highest quality omega-3. We use blister packaging for all of our products that come in capsule form. Any other type of packaging including plastic and glass bottles don’t protect algae oil from oxidizing. Blisters offer the best protection from light and temperature and continue to do so until the moment you swallow it.

Our blisters are made from plastic. We know that plastic is a major threat to the oceans. That’s why we support the work of rePurpose Global, a worldwide Plastic Action Platform working to reduce waste and restore ecosystems. They collect twice as much plastic from nature then that we produce

3. Superior Recipe

Compared with other omega-3 brands, our products contain four times the amount of Vitamin E! Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that provides additional protection from oxidation (aka turning rancid and not healthy). In fact, the European Food and Safety Association (EFSA) says there is a direct relationship between daily dietary intake of Vitamin E and the protection of DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage. Vitamin E is also a critical nutrient for maintaining skin, brain, and heart health.     

In addition to algae oil (Schizochytrium sp.) and Vitamin E, Testa Omega-3 products contain:

  • High oleic sunflower oil (low in omega-6) for processing algae oil
  • Antioxidants including tocopherols and ascorbyl palmitate
  • Rosemary extract as a natural preservative

Our vegan softgel capsules contain:

  • Glycerol 
  • GMO-free cornstarch
  • Purified carrageenan derived from vegan red seaweed extract  
  • Sodium carbonate for acidity regulation

4. Thoughtfully Developed and Produced

Testa Omega-3 supplements are made with Schizochytrium sp. a type of microalgae naturally found in the mangrove forests of the South Pacific Ocean. The algae produces an oil rich in omega 3 fatty acids in the form of DHA and EPA. Algae oil has been used in food or as a dietary supplement for many years.

To make our products, we cultivate Schizochytrium sp. in sterile fermenters under controlled conditions. Since there is no impact from ocean pollution, the oil is free of heavy metals (such as mercury), dioxins and PCBs that are often found in fish.

Without using harmful solvents, we extract the oil from the algae and carefully purify it without risking oxidation. We then add natural antioxidants and vegetable oil for stability. 

5. The Best Value

Three times every year, we reevaluate the costs and quality of Testa Omega-3 products against other brands in the market. We compare our prices with more than 30 other brands that sell their product through both online platforms like Amazon and Google, and brick and mortar retailers like drugstores and supermarkets. 

The primary variable that we’re testing is the price of 1 gram of DHA + EPA.


Compared with other brands, Testa Omega-3 is not only the least expensive per gram of DHA + EPA, but our capsules also contain the most essential fatty acids! By taking only one capsule per day (compared to two required by most of our competitors), you’ll enjoy all of the brain, heart, and eye health benefits of omega-3 without harming our oceans or the fish who call it home. 

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